Many sellers find themselves asking this simple question: Why choose a Melbourne FL Realtor to sell my home when I can do it myself? The decision to list your home entails many factors. There may be things you never considered that end up being complex issues during the home selling process. One of the key issues regarding this question is how to price your home. Home prices are affected by multiple factors and it is of the utmost importance that your home is listed at a price that reflects its worth.

Many FSBO (for sale by owner) properties are inaccurately priced. Homeowners take a wild guess at the worth of their home by looking at sites like Trulia or Zillow to gain a potential price point. The problem with doing this is that sites like these do not always have the most up to date information and can lead sellers astray. Other sellers base their price on what they paid for their home. In actuality, what you paid for your home has no bearing on what it is worth under current market conditions. Some sellers base their pricing on improvements such as kitchen remodels or updated bathrooms. While this may add to the value of you home, many other factors go into an accurate price.

These points alone are proof that hiring an experienced Realtor to sell your home is a solid investment on your part. In all actuality, the market sets the best reasonable price for your home and without knowledge and expertise most layman cannot determine this figure alone. It takes a qualified Realtor who is immersed in the real estate market and dedicated to you and your needs to calculate a reasonable price.

One of the key tools that we use at Real Estate Ink to determine the worth of your home is our Market Analysis. We assess current market conditions, compare your home to recently sold properties in your area, work with you to determine your timeline, and put all these data points together to find the perfect selling price for your home.

If your knowledge is not firmly grounded in current market trends and rooted in experience the sale of your home could be at stake. A home that is priced too high will not sell. Conversely, a home that is priced too low may sell quickly but you will not see the return on investment that you deserve. It is a matter of experience, superior market insight, awareness, and analysis. When you list with Real Estate Ink you have the advantage of a Realtor, who has been investing in Brevard County since 2001 and a licensed realtor/broker since 2008. As a multi-million dollar producer, you know that your home is in the best hands.