The curb appeal of your house is important for you, as well as any potential buyers. They will get a lasting first impression from the house’s exterior (whether it’s good or bad). Keeping up the lawn, façade of the house, and your landscaping is good for you and your neighbors!

Your Melbourne FL real estate broker has the following tips regarding increasing your curb appeal.

  • Greenery. Ensure your landscaping choices don’t hide the house but rather enhance it. Landscaping should highlight features (like a home’s symmetry) and hide trouble spots. If you live in wildfire areas, choose fire-resistant plants to help prevent against the spread of wildfire to your house.
  • Front door. Putting in a new front door looks more appealing, and it could pay for itself in added resale value.
  • Windows and siding. Updating these features is a great way to add value to your home. Maintain clean windows, and remove screens for extra shine is selling the house.
  • Front porch. This can be a selling point, so keep the porch floor and railings in optimal condition, and make the porch welcoming by adding comfortable furniture.
  • Character. Highlight your home’s character by maintaining or freshening up your home’s exterior; examples include touching up the siding with period-appropriate paint colors or adding a fence.
  • Lighting Outside. Not only is this is an attractive look at night, but it adds drama and is also an effective security feature.
  • Broken. Fix any broken items, appliances, and outside issues like cracks in the driveway, masonry, and sidewalks. Try patching if a total resurfacing is too expensive.