Congratulations! You have made the decision to list your Brevard County home. This is a great time to do so because available homes are at an all time low. The summer months brought the heat in a myriad of ways to Brevard. The warm weather ushered in an all time low with regards to for sale inventory. Buyers are in the market to become homeowners and for going rental properties. There simply isn’t enough supply to keep up with demand. Your decision to list with Real Estate Ink as your Melbourne Fl real estate company means that your home will sell quickly.

Buyers can be turned off of a property for seemingly minor issues so you will want to avoid that temptation by doing a few simple things. Here are a few tips from Real Estate Ink to get your home sold quickly.

Keep Your Home Clean

Potential buyers are put off by cluttered homes. It is hard for them to envision themselves living in a space that is brimming with all of your personal items. Staging your home in a buyer friendly way will allow viewers to visualize where their belongings will fit into the space. If you have questions regarding how to go about this process talk to your Realtor with Real Estate Ink. We can help you stage your home perfectly.

Odors are not only displeasing to the senses; they can be a big turn off to buyers. Make sure your home is odor free by keeping it tidy and perhaps employing little help from air fresheners, plug-ins, and other odor eliminating devices.

This one probably goes without saying, but be sure your home is clean. Keep kitchens and bathrooms free from dirt and debris and your countertops open and airy.

Get Rid of Your Animals

Your beloved pet may be sweet and friendly but buyers don’t always know that. If you have a dog try and find a way to keep him or her out of the house during visitations. You can go for a walk with your pooch, ask a neighbor for assistance, or find a doggy daycare. There are several of these establishments throughout Brevard so you never have to worry about your pets.

Cats can be an issue for buyers with allergies so, if possible, keep your cat away during visits as well. If there is no way for you to keep your pets away during a viewing appointment be sure to let the Realtor know.

Brighten Up

Sunlight is a seller! Bright light illuminates your home and creates the illusion of space and comfort for buyers. Keep your curtains and blinds open especially if you have a great view. This can be a great selling point for your home.

These are only a few tips to assist you with selling your home but they are significant. You adore your home and want buyers to recognize its value. Taking a few minutes each day to do a little maintenance work will go a long way when it comes to getting your home sold.