Owner/Security/Squirl Hunter

My name is Victoria and I run this Real Estate Office.  You’ll often find me napping in many of my favorite spots after I’ve exhausted myself from protecting the office from all the foot traffic and the occasional dog outside that catches my fancy, or oooh wait SQUIRREL!  And did I mention treats….oh how I love the treats.  I like to make sure I’m here and awake when the mailman stops by.  He is my buddy.  I am all girl and very sensitive so please don’t bark back when you come to the door.  I’m a kind and gentle soul and I love my routine.  Immediate pets at the desk at 9 am as I greet our Admin, followed by a treat at 9:15 am, a walk at 11:30 am, greet the mailman between 2 and 2:30pm followed by another walk at 3pm.  And if I bark when you call, sorry, I’ll try and be better but I am just saying HELLO.  As you can see, I’m very busy so after that 3 pm walk – nap time! After my afternoon nap I’m busy telling my Broker when it is time to go home.  If she doesn’t pack it up by a certain time, well I’ll break out that bark again until she gets it.

In my free time I love more walks, more treats, Sailing, pawing my humans at home at 6am to remind them they are soundly asleep and its going to be time for me to tinkle in an hour.  Sailing is my favorite thing next to long walks except when I dig my paws into the ground because I’m done walking (and when I am done, I’m done and its all about me right{?} )and I know just when my life vest is pulled that it is time to go sailing.  I also enjoy walks on the beach, sunning myself on the deck and belly rubs are always the best….”Oh wait a bunny….”