Courtesy of Real Estate Ink, an expert boutique brokerage serving Palm Bay real estate, and the entire Space Coast, read below for the safety tips on the spring cleaning of your residence.

  • Clutter: Collect any cluttered items or stray objects that you could trip over before you start cleaning.
  • “Green”: You could try using homemade or “green” cleaners to help lower your exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals. Look for products with verified labels (for example, Greenguard, Certified Biodegradable, Green Seal, and Design for the Environment).
  • Hazardous Cleaning Agents: Use hazardous cleaning agents, such as bleach and ammonia, only when necessary. You should never mix those two, because you could create a toxic gas.
  • Instructions: Follow the instructions on the label of the cleaning product. For example, if the label says to wear a mask or gloves, there’s a reason for it. Collect the right supplies on the instruction list before you start with the cleaning.
  • Ventilation: Keep your windows open to circulate fresh air, which will help you avoid allergic or chemical reactions.
  • Out of Reach: Store all your cleaning products where children and pets can’t access them. Kids and pets are curious, and will easily harm themselves if they gain access to cleaning agents.
  • Buckets: The same rule about keeping cleaning agents away from kids applies to filled buckets of water for mopping and general cleaning. Remember, even a couple inches of water can be dangerous (drowning risk) for very young children. Keep the buckets upside down and empty in your storage area, away from children. Keep kids (and you) safe by staying clear of just-mopped floors until they have dried completely.
  • Lifting: When moving furniture, ask for help with large items. Do not be in a hurry, bend with your knees, and lift your leg muscles as you stand.
    Climbing: Be careful when using ladders, and look for cracks and missing hardware before using them. Ask someone to hold it, if possible, or watch you. Do not lean too far to one side, do not overreach, and try to position yourself so that the middle of your belt is centered between the sides.