Brevard County School Districts

Brevard County SchoolsSchools are a major driver in any area for buyers and sellers. A strong school zone can have a positive impact on the ease in which you sell your home and will attract buyers, even for those buyers and sellers without kids. You’ll be happy to hear that 97% of Brevard County’s schools are A or B schools. 90% are A schools. There are no D or F schools.

In fact, Brevard Public Schools ranked second in the state by the Florida Department of Education. We have the third lowest dropout rate in Florida and rank first out of 67 school districts in the state for graduation rate. Nationally our schools rank third in the percentage (11.3%) of National Board Certified Teachers. And finally Brevard Public Schools are proud to have 5 of the 23 “Glasser Quality Schools” in the World. The practice of a Glasser Quality School is based on Choice Theory where relationships are based upon trust and respect having a direct impact on the quality of the work students engage in.

You can visit the Brevard County Public Schools website for additional information and district maps. We have added a special school search feature on our home page that allows you to search by school. At the bottom of the page next to the map and under schools/districts, type the name of the school you are looking for.

For example, type “Discovery” under school/districts and search. You will see all the active listings for sale in the Discovery school district.