Real Estate Ink, a boutique full-service agency in serving Melbourne, FL and Palm Bay, has the following suggestions when it comes to power outages. It’s always smart to be prepared should the lights go out.

  • Before outages happen, store (in an easily accessible place) flashlights, extra batteries, and a battery-powered radio.
  • Set aside water and make extra ice (you can use the ice to keep perishable items cool) when you know an outage is coming.
  • Ensure the smoke detector works and the battery is fresh. Always test the smoke detector each month to ensure it’s working.
  • Store an appliance thermometer in the freezer; if the freezer is 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) or colder by the time the power returns, the food should be safe.
  • During the outage, leave one light on so that you know when the power resumes.
  • Always use flashlights instead of candles for lighting during an outage. Traditional candles can be fire hazards.
  • During the outage, turn off / disconnect any electronics, appliances, and equipment that were on as the power stopped. When power resumes, there could be surges that damage equipment and motors in appliances.
  • Don’t open the refrigerator and freezer during an outage to help keep your food fresh.
  • Operate generators safely, and only run a portable generator outdoors with sufficient ventilation. Avoid using a generator indoors or in garages that are attached to the house, because the exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide (deadly if inhaled).
  • Tune in to the radio for current information on the outage.

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