The following are landscaping tips for home sellers to increase your curb appeal when trying to sell your home.

Maintain a Neat, Beautiful Lawn

Ensure your lawn doesn’t have brown and patchy, bald spots. Green, velvety lawns are signs that the homeowners care about their houses and landscaping. Adding pebbles, boulders, rocks, ornamental grasses, and drought-tolerant plants are a fantastic bonus.

Add Color

A beautiful landscape provides a display of different fragrances, colors, and textures, and the most industrious homeowners can take advantage of the different seasons to rework the design. You could use several different colors that complement the house and repeat them throughout the year.

Light the Outside

Illuminating the outside adds drama and lets buyers clearly see a home at night. Low-voltage lamps should be used to highlight the front door, walkway, corners of the house, and branches of trees. Just don’t overdo it.

Size Shrubbery & Trees to Scale

Shrubbery and trees need to be situated in the right scale for the house so that they don’t obstruct doors, windows, and other architectural features of the house’s facade. Bear in mind that too many trees cast excessive shadows, which can be discouraging. That issue can also lead potential buyers to worry about costs and maintenance.

Use Architectural Features

Curb appeal can come from planted window boxes, vines wrapped around a low fence or balcony, and a decorative, whimsical new mailbox. This is especially true when the tree leaves are more bare and the flowers aren’t blooming during winter months. Less is more, though; you don’t want the impression of kitschy lawn ornaments crowding your space.

Use the Sound of Water

The water sound can be appealing, and putting a small fountain in the front yard as well as the backyard is a good idea. Accent the fountain with rocks and flowers. Not only is the item affordable, it provides a soothing, gurgling sound and blocks street noise.

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