Because there is so much competition between homeowners selling their houses, home staging is growing increasingly important. You want to do whatever you can to make your home the most appealing it can be. Courtesy of Real Estate Ink, a full-service boutique brokerage in Melbourne, FL, here are some home staging tips to help your house sell well.

Keep It Clean

A clean, neat home matters when it comes to helping potential buyers picture themselves living in your residence. Put dishes away, make the beds, get rid of toy clutter, and keep your home a refreshing living space while it’s on the market.

Avoid the Family Photos

Removing photos of your family and friends helps potential buyers picture themselves there in the home, and focus on the home’s features, instead of wondering about your lives.

Don’t Crowd the Rooms

Remember that less is more for staging. You want to highlight the home’s features instead of crowding rooms with furniture.

New and Old Staging Items

In many cases, it just takes a little tweaking of using existing furnishings or buying small, new items to highlight a room’s best features. Adding small details like flowers, pillows, artwork, and lamps can help spruce up and brighten an area and make it more welcoming, while taking up minimal room so that the potential buyer can envision their own furniture and items in the space. Sometimes large new furniture pieces may be necessary, such as in the cases of old items or items that don’t fit into the living space well.

You Don’t Have to Stage All Rooms

Key staging rooms are the dining room, master bathroom, master bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Very small rooms are good for staging because it’s hard to imagine your own furniture in those spaces. Other rooms may be too difficult to furnish because of awkward dimensions or size. Rooms you want to showcase, like a sunroom with large windows or a paneled library, are great for staging.

Remember All the Competition

There may be a rising number of buyers in the market, but sellers still should remember there is a lot of competition out there for home sales. It can still be difficult to get your dream price, so whether it takes a little staging or a major upheaval, ensure you highlight each room’s best features for a quicker, higher-priced sale.

Get An Outside Opinion

Other opinions on correct staging can be beneficial because you’ve gotten used to living in your home with your own personal decorations, needs, and tastes.
You could hire a stager or a staging consultant to work with you during the selling process. Your realtor will have their staging advice, as well.

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