Home Inspections

As real estate experts in Brevard County, Real Estate Ink are experts in the home inspection process.   A quality home inspection is beneficial to the buyer. It verifies the condition of the house, and it can determine the costs of necessary repairs before you move in.

A home inspection costs several hundred dollars, based on the age and size of the house. It will take about 3-4 hours. The home inspection will  at the roof, structure, plumbing and electrical system, and heating and cooling system. He or she will then provide a detailed report of the findings of the house’s potential hazards and stability.

Choosing A Home Inspector

Choose an inspector who has the correct training and credentials. Check out the credentials by asking to see proof of state certification, proof of licensing, and proof of membership in a national organization (like the American Society of Home Inspectors). A quality inspector has at least 3-5 years’ worth of experience, and has done 1,000 or more inspections.

The inspector should have liability insurance as well as errors and omission insurance. That protects the home inspector, and also the homebuyer, in case an inspector fails to detect a major problem with the house.

When scheduling the home inspection,  let them know at that time if there are any additional items that need to be inspected.  These additional inspections go beyond the typical scope of a home inspection and evaluate anything from pools to radon to well water. These extra inspections can inflate the price anywhere from $25 to $200, depending on whether the inspection requires special equipment or lab testing.

Lenders may also require certain items to be inspected. For example, a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) report will tell you if there are signs of wood rot or termites present.

What To Expect During A Home Inspection

It’s not required that you are present for the inspection, we recommend you are there. That way, you and the inspector can discuss the potential issues and findings as he or she inspects the place. They will educate particular home works, and where systems/appliances are located.

Inspectors mainly look at the following:

  • Structure for foundation, window, or door problems
  • Exterior for rot, decay, and excavation problems
  • Roof for shingle, flashing, and fascia problems
  • Interior for framing, insulation, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical issues
  • Kitchen for electrical code compliance, operating cabinets, and plumbing problems

There will likely be a few issues that the inspector will discover. Remember to ask any questions of the inspector while he or she is there, but keep the inspector’s contact information in case you have follow-up queries.

Of course, no house is without flaws. A home inspection is your authoritative proof of property problems. With the education from a licensed professional, you can insist that the seller fix certain issues before closing, renegotiate the price to reflect future repairs, or walk away without losing your earnest money. In other words, although a home inspection costs money, it can potentially save you far more, perhaps even tens of thousands, in return.

Real Estate Ink knows that we can find the right residence for you. We are confident that we can assist you, so contact us today!

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