Creating a home inventory for insurance is a smart task. As your Melbourne, FL real estate agency, we know that protecting your home and valuables is an issue that deserves thought. Below, we have some tips for you.

The key to creating the inventory is to have a record of your possessions should you experience a casualty loss from fire, theft, floods, or other disasters. The more thoroughly you document your belongings, the less likely you will have trouble when filing a claim with your insurance. Use a digital camera, a safe, and other equipment we mention below in order to help maintain your inventory.


Take photos of your belongings; digital photos are easier to print and store. Take both full-room shots & close-ups of items, and take pictures of the possessions inside closets, drawers, and cabinets. You could also take video recordings, and record audio along with the pictures. Make sure you describe items and their details, and keep backup copies of the hard copies and digital files.

Written Inventory

Images aren’t enough, though, so also create a written inventory. You will need it for a filing a claim with your insurance company, should the occasion arise. Use as much detail as you can, recording brand names, costs, serial numbers, and purchase dates. Keep a copy with a pal or in a safe-deposit box, away from the house in case your home is damaged. (Home inventory software is also very available these days.)

Attach receipts to your inventory list. Digital copies of receipts should be made in case of loss or damage to the original.


Back up digital files with a USB drive (“thumb” drive) and keep it somewhere safe, such as in a pre-packed emergency bag (so that you can use it should the need to evacuate quickly arise). Use a bank safe-deposit box to store drives, paper records, and other valuables away from the house.

Consider a fireproof safe if you like to keep valuables and documents closer at hand. They are usually waterproof, too, and range in prices. Note that it’s also easy to use online backup systems to keep digital copies outside of your home. That is very helpful if your computer is destroyed or stolen.